Thursday, June 6, 2013

Metal Stamping Ideas

When it comes to stamping metal you're really only limited by your imagination. However, sometimes you need a little boost to get started. Here are my top five stamp ideas:

  1. Charm bracelet: You can find blank charms on-line for pretty cheap so if you make a mistake it's not a big deal. A great personalized gift idea.
  2. Pet Tags: You can buy blank tags at any pet store. A great way to make sure your pets tags have all the necessary info. 
  3. Bookmarks: You can buy blank metal bookmarks on-line. Stamp them with your favorite quote, author, or books. Also a great gift idea.
  4. Canning Jar Lids: Never forget what's in that jar again. Canning lids are perfect for stamping because the metal isn't too hard making it great for beginners.
  5. Garden Plant Label: Get some old spoons and stamp them flat with a hammer. Then stamp the name of each plant into it and stick the spoon in the dirt. A very cool and kind of rustic way to keep track of your plants.
Share any ideas you might have in the comments!

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